Dallas Jan ’10 Review from SNL Student!

So, I check my email and read about how even JT, the Asian Playboy himself, is susceptible to AMOG attempts. If you have a beautiful woman on your arm, douche bags will try to AMOG you. I came to the realization that having strong game is not an option if you want a desirable woman-it’s a necessity to get and keep her. I needed to get my act together and he is the best man to teach me how…

Pua pickup
Dallas-talk about getting dropped into the deep end with sharks. But I came to learn. If I can do it there, I can feel confident anywhere.

Pua pickup

Day one was the most stressful. Approach anxiety was high due to lack of preparation on my part but also due to the fact that I haven’t physically approached in years. But JT and Gareth lectured, coached, encouraged and when necessary, kicked me in the ass to face the music and take the pain.

Day two, I just decided to have fun. I actually worked on the homework, took Gareth’s fashion advice and went shopping with the other students, who generously gave me advice. That night, I was much more prepared and thus, relaxed. Confidence was high and I just went after the specific goals for the night while going at my pace and just having a good time. Watching JT and Gareth work was an education unto itself as well as an inspiration. To the untrained eye, they were just a couple of partiers but they had full situational awareness and were assessing and coaching the students and myself throughout the night.

Day three, I was dog tired. Did more homework, got more bold with my wardrobe and charged ahead into our last night. Despite no (real) kiss or number closes so far, I deemed the weekend a success. I came here to learn to fish, not get handed one. The experience of going into the field with an actual proven game plan was what I came for. I was exhausted from all the lectures, drills, shopping and actual going out…but when game time hit, things just clicked. I approached without fear. Rejection was just a part of the game.

I don’t even remember when I opened the set, but an HB 8 responded. I played it by the numbers. I was direct, she complied, I isolated, built rapport with her group (which included a guy), had stories prepared and knew how to escalate. JT could see everything and gave accurate notes when I got stuck. (As a testament to their teaching, the women I’d managed to isolate had been so enchanted by my clumsy spell, I didn’t even have to be discrete in getting up to ask him a question in the middle of a set.) I finally kiss closed as she dodged my lips until I found hers, only to have her shove her tongue past my tonsils. She came and went to dance provocatively with her friends. As instructed, sometimes, I joined her friends to be social and sometimes, I brought back another girl. Social proof and jealousy had her literally standing there, dumbfounded. She started following me around the club like a lost puppy and wanted me to follow her to join her friends. But I was there to game. I told her I was going to the patio.

AMOG-So, we were on the crowded patio in each other’s arms while she played her little “catch my lips if you can” game with me when a guy tries to take her attention by speaking French to her. A linguist, she couldn’t resist shouting back in French to the guy. Completely ignoring me, he tried to strike up a conversation with her from the side. I blocked him out with my body and told her, “I didn’t know you could speak French too! I’m very fluent…croissant, escargot, french fries.” She busted out laughing. Guy kept walking.

When I’d had enough of her sexual displays and crotch groping (and run out of things to say between making out), I recognized that my receiver was open for a touchdown.

We went to her place.

On debriefing, JT demanded to know if I had closed. “I closed inside her,” I replied.


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